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More than 12 Million US Businesses Accept Credit and Debit Cards

If you don't, you should. Reported volumes exceed $6 trillion per year!

People Spend More with Plastic

Think about it. When you're out shopping, which do YOU prefer to use? No one wants to be mugged in the parking lot over $50 cash. So, we all carry plastic, don't we? Card acceptance is proven to increase cash flow and income.

Impulse Buying

Wouldn't you like your customers to spend money with you the moment the impulse hits them? Accepting cards makes it easier for your customer to say YES to you now. They're not limited by the cash in their wallet.


Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Diner's Club®, and Discover® spend billions of dollars in advertising to build brand names that people trust... and you can take advantage of it. Even if customers don't know YOUR business they know these brands and trust those who accept them. Give your business the edge it deserves. Start accepting credit and debit cards better with The Neil Group today.

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